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Additional Services

You can pre-book the additional services provided in the Visa Application Centre by calling on 022-67866028

Premium Service Lounge (Optional)

The VFS Premium Service Lounge facility is available at the visa application centre in Mumbai, Pune and Ahmedabad. The Premium Lounge Service includes:

  • Separate lounge with personalised service by dedicated staff
  • Refreshments
  • Faster submission of applications at the visa application centre
  • Courier return of passport
  • SMS alert on the status of your application
  • Photocopying and photo booth service for your documents

Important note: Your visa application will be processed and decided upon by the German Consulate in Mumbai. Use of the Premium Service Lounge does not affect the processing time of your application. All applicants will be required to follow the instructions on applying for a visa, which can be found on the ‘Home Page’ on this website.

What does it cost?

The Premium Service Lounge facilities cost INR 2055/- per application inclusive of CGST 9% and SGST 9%. This charge is in addition to the visa application fee and once paid, is non – refundable.

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