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Medical Treatment


Schengen visa have to be obtained from the embassy or consulate of the country where the main purpose of travel lies. Therefore, please check your travel plans before making your application to the German Embassy. In case of travel to multiple Schengen countries, please make your application to the embassy or the consulate where you will be staying for the maximum number of days, or from the point of first entry into the Schengen countries, if the duration of stay is the same in more than one Schengen country.

Visa Fees

The New Visa Fees is effective from 26 May 2017 for Pune, Ahmedabad, Goa and Mumbai

The Visa Fee for the applicable visa type is listed in the table below. The fee mentioned is applicable per applicant.

Visa Category Visa Fee in Euros (Adult) Visa Fee in Euros (Child) Visa Fee in INR (Adult) Visa Fee in INR (Child)
Short Term (Including Tourism and Visit of Family and Friends) Business, Transit 60 60 (Above 12 Years). 35 (For Children between 6-12 Years of age) (No visa fee is charged for children below 6 years of age) 4400 4400 (Above 12 Years). 2600(For Children between 6-12 Years of age) (No visa fee is charged for children below 6 years of age)

VFS Global Service charge:

Applicants applying in the jurisdiction of the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany, Mumbai shall be levied a service charge (Inclusive of Service tax @ 14% , S.B. Cess @ 0.50% & Krishi Kalyan Cess @ 0.50%) as mentioned below:

  • Logistic Fees – INR 1455/-
  • Logistic Fees – INR 1310/- (For applicants who have already provided fingerprints within last 59 months)

Please Note:

  • The applicable visa fee in Indian Rupees is as per the exchange rate of the German Consulate General, Mumbai.
  • There is an optional courier facility available at INR 279/- (Inclusive of Service tax @ 14% ,S.B. Cess @ 0.50% & Krishi Kalyan Cess @ 0.50%) per application
  • Mode of payment:
    • Cash
    • We also accept Visa, Master Card and Rupay
    • Demand Draft (in favor of VFS Global Services Pvt. Ltd)

Documents Required

  Checklist for Medical Treatment

In addition to the above checklist please ensure the following

  • Valid Travel Health Insurance required to be submitted even in case of transit cases
  • Original Covering letter (for business cases) with 1 authorised signatory name and designation
  • Name & Address of the Applicant must reflect in Bank statements
  • Name observation passports not accepted

Photo Specifications

Two recent passport size photos for each person included in the application.

Download here

Processing Time

Schengen short stay visas can only be processed within 15 working days (Excluding day of submission at VFS).

Download Form

  Click here for User guide to fill the online Schengen Visa Application Form
  Click here to fill the online Schengen visa application form.

Click here to fill the alternate Schengen Visa Application form - Schengen Visa Application Form

  Declaration on Travel Health Insurance
  Declaration on True & Complete information
  Annexure – A

To Download a Form:

  • Click on the form link
  • When the form opens, save the form on your computer.


  • Press the right button on your mouse on the required link.
  • Select Save Target As from the list
  • Save the form on your computer.