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Long Term Appointment Scheduling
National Visa

Applicants can book an appointment for National Visa (Long Term) through our Helpline number: 022-67866013 or writing an e-mail at info.germanin@vfshelpline.com

The applicants can now also schedule their appointment online.


For Students

Dear Students

Due to very high appointment demand in the student category the Embassy has established some subcategories.

Please choose among the below options. Please note that the Embassy will not accept your application if you book an appointment under a wrong category. In case you book an appointment under a wrong category, you will have to apply for a new appointment.

For applicants applying under Dependent visa category

You may only book an appointment in the category „Dependent“ if:


Your spouse/parent is an Indian national


Your spouse/parent will move with you or has moved to Germany within the last six months for employment reasons.

If these requirements are not fulfilled, you should book an appointment in the category “Family Reunion”.

Appointments that have been booked in the wrong category, will not be accepted by the Embassy. In those cases the applicants will have to come again with a new appointment in the correct category

Please be informed that you may receive a call and subsequent email from VFS Global to confirm your appointment. Request your co-operation for the same. Please be aware that continued unresponsiveness to such calls and e-mails may lead to cancellation of your appointment.