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Nuclear Scientist


All foreign nationals who wish to visit Germany as a Nuclear Scientist require a visa prior to their departure. Applicants

residing in Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu or Pondicherry have to submit their respective visa

applications to the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Chennai. Please note that the place of issue of your passport is of no relevance in this regard.

Visa Fees

The New Visa Fees effective from 27 March 2017

The Visa Fee for the applicable visa type is listed in the table below. The fee mentioned is applicable per applicant.

Visa Category Visa Fee in Euros (Adult) Visa Fee in Euros (Child) Visa Fee in INR (Adult) Visa Fee in INR (Child)
Short Term (Including Tourism & Visit of Family and Friends) Business, Transit 60 60
(Above 12 Years).
(For Children between 6-12 Years of age)

(No visa fee is charged for children below 6 years of age)
4300 4300
(Above 12 Years).
(For Children between 6-12 Years of age)

(No visa fee is charged for children below 6 years of age)

VFS Service charge:

Applicants applying in the jurisdiction of the Consulate General of Chennai shall be levied a service charge of (Inclusive of Service tax @ 14%.S.B. Cess @0.50%, Krishi Kalyan Cess @ 0.50%)

VFS Logistics - INR 1269 (For applicants who have already provided fingerprints within last 59 months)

VFS Logistics - INR 1410

Please Note:

  • The applicable visa fee in Indian Rupees is as per the current exchange rate. It is subject to change without notice.
  • The visa fee is non-refundable.
  • There is an optional courier facility available at Rs 270/- (Inclusive of Service Tax 15% ) per application
  • The visa fee for applicants applying in South India is payable by a bank draft in favor of. “VFS GLOBAL SERVICES PVT LTD”, debit card, credit card or by cash.
  • Exemption of Visa Fee for a child is only applicable in the case of Short Term category, if the child's age is less than 6 years.

Photo Specifications

Processing Time

Attention Visa applicants

Visa applicants are hereby informed that duly completed applications may be submitted three months onward prior to the confirmed travel date. As applications peak during the months of April through July, it is advisable to apply well in advance. This will help towards the smooth organization of your trip to Germany/ Schengen Countries.

As per the Visa Code of the Schengen member states under Article 23:

Decision on the application

  1. Applications shall be decided on within 15 calendar days of the date of the lodging of an application which is admissible in accordance with Article 19.
  2. That period may be extended up to a maximum of 30 calendar days in individual cases, notably when further scrutiny of the application is needed or in cases of representation where the authorities of the represented Member State are consulted.
  3. Exceptionally, when additional documentation is needed in specific cases, the period may be extended up to a maximum of 60 calendar days.
  4. Unless the application has been withdrawn, a decision shall be taken to:
    1. issue a uniform visa in accordance with Article 24;
    2. issue a visa with limited territorial validity in accordance with Article 25;
    3. refuse a visa in accordance with Article 32; or
    4. discontinue the examination of the application and transfer it to the relevant authorities of the represented Member State in accordance with Article 8(2).

The fact that fingerprinting is physically impossible, in accordance with Article 13(7)(b), shall not influence the issuing or refusal of a visa.

Download Form

Click here to fill the online Schengen Visa Application form –

  Visa Application Form
  Declaration on Travel and Health Insurance
  Power of Attorney Annexure

To Download a Form:

  • Click on the form link
  • When the form opens, save the form on your computer.


  • Press the right button on your mouse on the required link.
  • Select Save Target As from the list
  • Save the form on your computer.